Heating Schedule

Ok I’m sure If I searched through the forums I could find something, but I’m feeling lazy.

I have ST and a Honeywell T6 controlling my boiler (I’m in the UK). Whilst everything works, the T6 is limited in that It either runs in scheduled mode or geofence mode. What I want to be able to do is:-

1.) Set a schedule for heating off/on and set temperature.
2.) Have different schedule for different days.
3.) Have a system turn off if everybody leaves.
4.) Not turn on if nobody is home.

This should be doable by just leaving the thermosat in ‘always on’ mode and then just setting the “set point” in ST. Does anybody know of an automation that does this?


Is the Honeywell a smart thermostat?
If so just set up all your normal scheduling through the Honeywell.
And then create a Webcore piston or similar to turn it off if the house is empty or back onto schedule if not.

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I have the Honeywell 9580 and that’s basically what I do. I have schedules for reach day of the week. If we leave the house, the setpoints get changed to 85 for AC and 50 for heat with a permanent hold set. The permanent hold gets reset when we get home. I could have easily turned the system on/off instead. This has worked very well for us and is easy with minimal code required.

I already have a Temperature set point which turns the heating off when I leave, but the problem is that schedule on the T6 has it it’s own set point for different time.

T6 schedule turns on at 6.30 at has a set point of 20C. until 8.00am when it drops to 5C, turning the heating off. If I leave at 7.30 the ST routine sets the set point to 5C. However at 18:00 the T6 schedule will reset the set point back to 20C whether I’m home or not.

I suppose I could put the T6 into Geofence mode, and then just change the set point temperatures in a a ST schedule.

The Honeywell has 2 types of holds. A temporary hold that will reset the setpoint at the next schedule change and a permanent hold that will stay at that setpoint until the hold is physically stopped by either a manual operation or a trigger from ST. I use the perm hold and exit this hold when I arrive back at home.