Having problem with Alexa working with a GE Zwave plus light switch

I have about a dozen of the GE zwave classic light switches and about 6 other Zwave plus devices that have all been working fine with both SmartThings and Alexa for over a year now.

However a few days ago I got a GE Zwave plus light switch (my first plus light switch) and from the beginning I’ve been having problems. Physically operating the switch works fine, even using SmartThings to turn the device on and off works as well. However in the ST app it would show the device as unavailable with a red ! next to it, even though I could still turn it off and on with the app. Alexa would say something about the device not being available.

After a couple of hours everything (including Alexa) starts to work again and the red ! goes away, then a couple of hours later Alexa stops working and the ! comes back. This morning it wasn’t working again and I found another person online who suggested turning off device health in ST app because that worked for him and right away the ! went away and Alexa started working. I thought everything was fixed but a couple of hours later Alexa stopped working but the red ! was not in the app.

I also can’t seem to remove the light switch from the ST app via the remove option.

Any suggestions?

The red icon went away because you turned off device health - nothing’s different in your network, you just told ST not to tell you if there were any connectivity issues.

Is the switch nearby other Z-wave repeaters / the hub? The symptoms sound like poor signal strength. If it’s nearby other devices you could try a Z-wave network repair from the IDE to try and rebuild the map.

We are having a similar issue with one of our GE dimmers and Alexa. About a week ago she keeps saying that it’s not available on a regular basis. I haven’t had any luck finding a solution yet.