Have Samsung TV open YouTubeTV on Power On?

I’m not new to Samsung products, but am new to trying to do something in smartthings. It seems like it should be an extremely simple thing to do, but all my searching has been a dead end. I have a Samsung smart tv that I need to open a specific app whenever the TV turns on. I know there is a “last app” function on theTV, but that doesn’t work with YouTubeTV. I thought something like this would be available when creating a rule, but those just let me do rudimentary things like change the volume or tv input. Not even an option to “mimic” by pressing the proper sequence of keys and recording those as a macro to be used.

My parents are in their 90’s and sick of paying north of $100 for satellite. They also don’t understand much beyond turning the tv on and off and how to use the guide that pops up. Unfortunately, Samsung TV Plus doesn’t include the handful of channels they like to watch, and that app is what always starts up when the tv is turned on.

I did find some interesting things in the api (custom.launchapp), but I’m not a programmer and even if I was, nobody seems to know what the app id is for anything other than a small handful of apps.

I suspect the whole point is to make it so samsung tv plus gets a shot at gaining viewers, but it seems ridiculous that something called “smartthings” works so poorly with a device from the same manufacturer. Please someone tell me I’ve missed something super easy and that there is an actual way to accomplish this.

I am no longer really active with coding solutions on the SmartThings platform, so someone else will need to walk you through a possible rules API solution to watch for the “on” event of the device, but the POST command to issue to change to a Tizen based Samsung is:

{ "commands":[

You can webpage test the solution here, and then input “PvWgqxV3Xa.YouTubeTV” in the command section of the device.

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