API call TV app

Hello guys ! I’m using the translator, forgive me if there are errors.

I’m trying to call an application (Netflix, Spotify…) on the Samsung TV, through the SmartThings API.


But when I call this function nothing happens, can someone help me?

Just as a reference for others, this is the solution that, @Estronic shared:

Thanks, @Estronic!

Has anyone identified any other apps to add to the previous list?

Also, somewhat related, has anyone identified a way to navigate directly to the gaming hub on the TV?

Hi, @nayelyz! The code above doesn’t work on a QN900A from 2021. Is there someplace where this API is documented?

Sorry, but it doesn’t belong to the SmartThings capabilities which means it was created by the developer of the integration, and we don’t have information about which values it expects.
The one that should know is the device manufacturer and those who integrated it into ST, I don’t know if Samsung shared the technical sheet of this device with this info, have you searched for it online? That’s how @Estronic found that info.

BTW, Welcome to the SmartThings Community!

Thanks so much for the welcome, @nayelyz!

Actually, what I’m looking for is the documentation of Samsung’s SmartTvs APIs.