Complete Noob - How to automate Samsung TV (connected to Smartthings) to open a certain Youtube link or playlist in the Youtube app?

Hey everyone!

We have recently purchased a Samsung 50" Crystal UHD 4K BU8100 Smart TV. My grandmother wants to watch a religious channel that does live streaming on Youtube everyday at 5 AM. I used the Samsung SmartThings app on my phone to automatically turn the TV on at 5AM everyday. Now, all that’s left is for it to automatically play the video from the Youtube playlist through the Youtube app. If that’s not possible, then maybe opening the link to the said Youtube playlist through the internet browser? Would it be possible? If so, I am asking for your assistance and patience as I am a complete noob with regards to these things.

Thanks a lot!

Unfortunately I don’t think Samsung offers that level of control over TV operation via SmartThings.

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Will it be possible to use other third-party apps or tools to do so?

Highly doubt it. I don’t think TV devices even allow launching a specific app via Routines.

I have set up a routine that works doing something similar: Turn on TV, playing my son’s favourite show on YT when he cries then as he has calmed for 8 min it will change to ambient mode and my speakers will play smoothing music.
For the YT part and the speakers I used an automation I have created with a Broadlink RM5. that is a smart IR /RF control that can do any operations you could do on a remote. Hope that helps.

Hello sorry for replying to a pretty old comment but I’m very interested in the automation you just described. I have a Samsung cu7000 tv and although it was advertised as having Alexa built in a was very disappointed to find out that it’s not and integrating Alexa through SmartThings as well as SmartThings itself only give me basic controls such as on off tv input and I can’t have it open apps or play anything specific. Would this be a solution for that? So I could have an automation to open Netflix when I arrive home for example?