Have routines been fixed? From a yr ago?

Hey guys. Looking to set up a routine for morning wake up as my virtual switch work around I set up over a year ago has stopped working. At that time routines were completely broken and unusable. Just writing if they can now be used?

They’ve replaced the scheduler since then and have been tuning various areas. My setup has been very stable, your milage may vary. There have been hiccups, but I don’t expect five nines high availability on this platform.

…and now the thread will go downhill from here. :slight_smile:

Ok good deal. Glad to hear this. Guess we will see in the morning when the lights are set to cover on and brighten over a 30 min period. Thanks!

I only use a few routines and they work pretty much all of the time. My only issue is that 1 device sometimes ‘misbehaves’ and doesn’t turn off when it should. I just manually tell Alexa to run it again and it does what it should.

Yeah, both routines I had set up this morning ran without issue.


My modes, all 7, are all controlled by routines and I have not had a failure in many, many months. I would suspect that they are about as reliable as everything else, which, again, has been good for me for quite awhile now. That’s just my system with about 50, actual devices. I use routines, CoRE and a variety of ST apps and several I have written myself. I use ST DH whenever possible only changing how often they update. I’m sure others are having issues on a daily basis but I am not.