Have ecobee3 report when it changes the temperature?

It seems like a simple request but I have not been able to successfully get this to work. I would like my ecobee3 Lite to tell me when it changes the temperature and what it changed it to. I would like this via push notification.

I tried this in CoRE but was not able to get the specifics to work. Stykrs smartapp doesn’t work with the lite. Yracine is more complex and while I’m sure it’s in there I didn’t easily see a way to do it.

Any help would be appreciated.

I love webCoRE!!! Figured there are only about 26 degrees worth of variance in HVAC. Say 64 degrees to 90 degrees.

I am sure that you can use webCoRE to say If therm changes to any of values 64-90 then send notification of which value it changed to.

Goto the webCoRE Piston forum for more help but this one can definitely be done.

Hi @BBoy486,

Regardless if it’s a simple thermostat DTH (Device Type Handler) or a comprehensive implementation such as My Ecobee device, you should just need to subscribe to the thermostatSetpoint in order to get the latest setpoints (that’s part of the standard SmartThings capabilities).

This is possible only if the DTH is following the ST standards.

So, in a “Notify me when…” template smartapp, you can add the following lines in the initialize() or subscribeToEvents() method:

 subscribe(thermostat, "thermostatSetpoint",setpointEvtHandler)

In the same smartapp, you can then add the push notifications:

def setpointEvtHandler(evt) {
   send("setpointEvtHandler> your new thermostat's setpoint is ${evt.value}")

To modify the ‘Notify When…’ template, just go to

  • https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/apps
  • Click on ‘new smartapp’
  • Click on ‘From Template’ tab and choose one of the ‘Notify When…’ smartapp templates
  • Change the smartapp name, insert the lines above, save & publish your code

If you want to do it in CoRE, just ask the same question under the CoRE thread. It should be able to subscribe to the thermostatSetpoint also.

N.B. This is valid for all ST connected thermostats, not only the ecobee (provided that they follow the ST standard capabilities).

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I’m still using CoRE haven’t yet made the jump.

The question is am I doing that with temperature setpoint?

Hi, you’re interested in getting the thermostat’s setpoint temperature, not the indoor temperature… That’s what I understand from your use case, so you’d need to subscribe to the thermostatSetpoint attribute.


I use this for my ecobee, I’m only interested in its status and not when it changes setpoints, but you can probably modify this to suit your needs.

I want to know when the A/C temp changes either by the schedule or manual override and what the temp changes to. Ex. At 3 the temp goes to 92 for our plan. I want a push that says temp on Ecobee changed to 92. Then if someone adjusts it at 4 to 80, a push that says the temp changed to 80 degree (and ideally tells.me.it was an override).

@BBoy486, my previous post was to respond to your initial request about any change in the thermostat’s setpoint. Now, you’re adding a layer of complexity by asking if it’s an override or a regular scheduled event.

You’d then need to subscribe to 2 events coming from the DTH:

  • the thermostat’s setpoint (My ecobee’s thermostatSetpoint attribute)
  • the programType (My ecobee’s programType attribute which indicates if it’s a “program”, a “vacation”, or a “hold”).


Since I’m to webCORE. Where would I make that change?

You mean your DTH correct?

Yes, my DTH: you’d need a comprehensive integration with ecobee in order to do this.

That’s all you need from me at this point. You’d need to modify eibyer’s script for your use case.