Unable to update Ecobee temperature using automations

Hi All,

I have an Ecobee 3 Lite-- which has worked great until very recently.

I can update the temperature fine from the Ecobee itself AND from the device itself in ST, however, the temperature no longer will set based on any automation in SmartThings. I always want the temperature to be set based on the rules I have in SmartThings.

In the Ecobee, the temperature is set to "Until I change it."
In SmartThings, the device is set to a hold type of “Temporary”

I have 4 “SmartApps” for the Ecobee:

  1. Bedtime---- should set the thermostat to 63* when heating, 69* when cooling.

  2. I’m Back!---- should set the thermostat to 67* when heating, 69* when cooling.

  3. Z-Ecobee & Living room Windows AM— should set the thermostat to 67* when heating, 69* when cooling.

  4. Goodbye!—should set the thermostat to 61* when heating, 72* when cooling.

Currently, the thermostat just stays at 64* when heating and 69* when cooling-- it completely ignores the automation in ST, even when manually activated.

The only other thing I see is in the Ecobee application itself-- there is a scheduled event (which has ALWAYS been there) with one event per day, the temperatures match the heating and cooling values that the unit has been stuck to, but I can’t seem to delete these events from each day. This was never a problem in the past.

Any ideas on what’s going on or what I’m doing wrong?

It actually looks like the Bedtime and Goodbye! Automations work fine, it’s just the “I’m back!” and “Z-Ecobee & Living room Windows AM” automations that don’t set the temp correctly (both get set to 64*).

I submitted a ticket to ST, but if anyone has thoughts I’d appreciate it! Thanks!

I’m having this same issue. I have a few routines that adjust the heating temp but the ecobee3 lite is set to a lower temp (a request for 71 deg heat sets the ecobee3 lite to 67 deg, 70 sets it to 65 or 67, etc). The cooling temperature seems to be setting accurately.

Has there been any updates?

I gave up on the stock app and went to this the Ecobee Suite by Sandood