Have both new + classic app on phone = confusion

I’ll try not to get bogged down with unnecessary details, but I recently had to replace my phone. In the process of re-installing the classic Smartthings app I ran into all sorts of installation problems which prompted me to make a call to tech support. Tech finally gave up and suggested I install the “New” Smartthings app, which I did, and after resetting my hub, we finally got to a point where I could start rebuilding my installation.

I soon found that the new app doesn’t support Webcore, which is critically important for me. I encountered other frustrations and finally was advised by a user on this board that I could run the classic app simultaneously on my phone. (I thought they were mutually exclusive.) I did so, and have everything running back the way it was…not without a bit of pain.

So now, I have both classic and new apps on my phone.

Can I safely uninstall the new app, and leave the classic app happily on my phone? I really don’t see anything in the new app that I find of value and I would like to just get rid of it, but my paranoia now runs deep!


Yes, until the classic app stops working sometime in the future.

I hope and pray that when Samsung deprecates e classic app, the new app will fully support Webcore?

Probably won’t, but we don’t know yet. SmartThings staff have said many times that the majority of their customers have 15 or fewer devices and never use any custom code. Since the new app is now the official app for Samsung smart appliances and
TVs, my guess is that percentage is even higher than it used to be. And that the percentage of customer support staff who own a ST hub is much lower.

My personal expectation (purely a guess) is that the built in rules engine in the new app will continue to get better, but it will never reach the complexity of Webcore as power users just aren’t their target market.


WebCoRE is not a “Published” (nor Certified & Published) SmartApp, and thus has never been “supported” by SmartThings - neither “fully” nor “partially”.

SmartThings offers not guarantees of compatibility or support for any SmartApps or Device Handlers which require logging into the IDE. No SmartThings customer is expected to ever use the IDE.

That said, the developers and users of WebCoRE are passionate and would put in significant effort to try to ensure ongoing viability. The new policies for the SmartThings Cloud are still not particularly clear, but Samsung has indicated that it will still be friendly and accommodating to small developers - but that is highly subjective and speculative.