Hauppauge \ Philio Power outlet plug

(Tommy Haywood) #1


I recently took delivery of some of these…


They pair fine as a basic on/off outlet in Smartthings. Does anyone know if there is a device handler for similar devices that will enable the power usage function? They look like rebranded philio PAN11 device. I managed to get the door sensor that came bundled to work of the Philio device handler

(Tommy Haywood) #2

Tried changing the device to Smart Outlet. Didn’t work :frowning:

(Paul) #3

Have you tried z-wave metering switch?

(Benji) #4

Hauppauge now makes home automation products? Interesting. I used to work for them in the UK, guess the TV card market isn’t what it used to be!


That was my reaction too.

(Tommy Haywood) #6

I suppose people just don’t buy PCs anymore.

The products are rebranded Philio

(Benji) #7

I would imagine a lot of it is to do with the availability of streaming content these days. I’m not surprised it’s rebranded, a lot of Hauppauge products actually were/are.

(Tommy Haywood) #8

That didn’t work :frowning:


Would be interested to know if a DH is found for this. I have a few arriving later this week.

(Tommy Haywood) #10

You can switch on/off easily enough. Just can’t work out how to power monitor

(sapstar) #11

There seems to be a Philio device handler for a Philio dual relay with power monitoring here.

Someone with good knowledge of groovy may be able to get this plug working by taking bits from the above DTH.

(Tommy Haywood) #12

I noticed that one. I’m not familiar with the groovy language but may take a look

(sapstar) #13

Just got my starter kit today with the 2 plugs and the multi sensor. Multi sensor works great with the Philio DTH. Hoping there will be a handler for the plug soon.

(sapstar) #14

There is a document below with the parameter values to set for these devices.

(sapstar) #15

Anyone figured out a device type for these?

(Tommy Haywood) #16

Nope :frowning:

I have 4. I’d love to see power consumption

(sapstar) #17

I made some progress. I found a device type which is supposed to work with this product. Cant get it to work though. Can you try on yours?

I went through the manuals for both the products and they are essentially a copy paste.

On/Off works, but I am getting nothing else. When you first set it up, you need to update parameters. I had errors while saving, so had to do it on the IDE.

Here are the 2 manuals I compared to confirm the two devices are same.

(Tommy Haywood) #18

Nothing worked with that code for me