Stuck creating a device type for a Z-Wave Power Monitor Socket

I recently bought a Hauppauge Z-wave wireless smart plug below.

Based on some discussions on the forum I understand this is a rebranded Philio PAN11 device. I could find the following information regarding the device but have no idea on how to create a device type. Can someone please help me with creating a device type for this?

The on/off functionality works using the Fibaro Wall Plug device type

Are you a coder? If not, this will be challenging to do if the person developing the code for you does not have a device to test with.

If you are a coder, you can use code a couple of us have put together for the Zooz smart switch that has similar capabilities. If the device you purchased complies with the alliance’s specs (your link didn’t work), then all you may need to do is modify the configuration section to account for the difference in parameter numbers (and their settings and values).

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Thanks for the quick response. I haven’t done any coding for a while now but may be able to figure out with some help. I will look into the Zooz smart switch.

Below is a working link.

No worries, I was in the same boat as you not too long ago. Here are some examples you can use to learn from:

Aeon smart switch

Zooz smart switch

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On further research I identified that Philio PH11 is same as TKB TZ88E. I found a device handler for TKB TZ88E and trying to use with the plug I have. The on and off works, but can’t get anything else to work.

I went through the manuals for both these products and they are just a copy and paste. There is no difference between the two.

Here are the 2 manuals I compared to confirm the two devices are same.

The device type I am using is below.

What could I be doing wrong? As this is a z-wave plug, do I need to try some kind of reset for it to properly work?

Hi all, I found this thread seaching for ways to make my PAN11-3B work properly, in the end I included it (it showed up as a Z-Wave Switch) then changed the type to Philio Smart Energy Plug in Switch in the IDE.

I’m guessing most have already figured this out but thought i’d mention it in case anyone else was struggling.

Edit: Forgot to mention that it works as a smart switch and shows the power consumption too, yay!