Haunted House - How to fix?

For the last few years my Smartthings set up has been stable. Suddenly, in the last week, I’m experiencing lights randomly coming on (or not coming on) or turning off suddenly for unknown reasons. I had migrated to the new app months ago, but am assuming these sudden issues are related to the shutdown?

Anyway, is there a way in the new app to audit each device to see a list of automations or scenes it is part of? I recall the old app having this capability. Without it, I’m a bit overwhelmed with how to fix all of this without a complete rebuild.

You can see this information in the IDE.

Sorry - Not exactly correct. Automations in the new app do not show in IDE.

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Had this happen a few times myself. Extremely annoying and no way to track down the source

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Ok. I stand corrected. Must be thinking of something else!..