Has anyone used MyQ Smart Garage Hub to open gates?

Just picked up MyQ Smart Garage Hub and two door sensors from Sams club. Installed Hub and one sensor in the garage and it works perfect. I was wondering if anybody figured out how to use a second sensor to Open/Close entry gates?
I do have WiFi connection at the entry gates.


I do it with a battery powered Door Sensor inside a waterproof project box. It’s too bad because MyQ knows the status of the gate without that just no way for ST to poll it. Also I have the MyQ gateway. Have never used the hub. I think hub only needed to use with HomeKit or something.

I do it. My gate opener has some relays which activate when its opening or closing, etc for adding a light or buzzer, but I just connected a zwave door sensor i modified to sense when the relay opens/closes. Work perfect

How did you connect MyQ to your gate opener? My gate opener is a LiftMaster it does have infrared sensors to ensure gates don’t close when there is car, person or animal in the way. Also, my gates auto closing after 15 seconds.
The MyQ Smart Garage Hub installed in the garage, (which is about 30 yards away from the gates) and one Smart Garage Sensor is on the garage door and it works perfectly. Question is how would I go about adding another Smart Garage door sensor to the gates and use it for open function (since gates are auto-closing)?

I think the gate opener has to be compatible out of the box. My opener is the: CSL24U, I bought the 828LM Internet Gateway when I set it all up and didn’t have any issues, the myQ app recognized it right away.

The myq gateway doesnt talk to your opener via wifi, it uses the 915mhz that your remotes do.
You have a listmaster opener for the gates?

Yes I have Liftmaster opener for the gates.