Garage door opener question

Hello, Is there a brand of garage door openers that works with Samsung smart Hub?
I noticed Chamberlain Brand garage door openers have a WiFi compatible model. Is that linkable to the Hub?

Take a look here for info on the chamberlain control.

Here is a discussion involving Chamberlain MyQ and Linear Go Control.

Thanks Ricci Hoffer. Very useful information. Much appreciated.

This is what I have works perfect, no issues at all. I also added a seperate tilt sensor for backup.

@rhoffer @jasonrwise77

I have the following garage door opener which is MyQ enabled.

For the above setup mentioned , do i need to have the MyQ hub also purchased or Smartthing hub suffices for adding the garage door…

Please suggest.

With your current installation, can you operate the door through the android/IOS Chamberlain MyQ app? If you have control through the app then the MyQ lite ST integration should work with out anything else. I would suggest a tilt sensor to run the with sensor version to see actual open/close status.

If you can’t control it through the MyQ phone app then you will need a Gateway to get it working with MyQ phone app and then the ST app MyQ lite will work. I have the 821 down in the accessories on that webpage above for the garage door ooener for my non-MyQ enabled opener. The 819 would probably work also.

Would it be feasible to wire connected to a garage door opener remote and have it trigger the garage that way instead of hard wiring through the houseÂż

As per you query, I was finally able to connect the Garage opener to Chamberlian app via my house Wifi and can check status and do open.close via Chamberlian app.

Further, ST hub/app doesn’t discover any new device available after getting the garage door connected to WiFi.

Do I need a Smartapp/device handler work to be done for this in ST ?

Thanks for the inputs in advance.

Now that you have the MyQ side working, go to the link I posted in the the link above. (Post #2). Follow the link to the Github installation page. You will have to a Smartapp and Device Handlers. To get a good open/close reading I would suggest the With sensor version by adding a compatable ST sensor for tilt or contact open/close.

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