Has Anyone Tried This Tuya Window Slider in the USA?

I have the need to add a powered window slider to a small window. Naturally, I want to automate it. I found this on Alibaba:

Tuya Zigbee Sliding Door&window Opener No Wiring Long Lifetime High-efficiency Solar Smart Window Pusher - Buy Smart Window Pusher window Opener linptech Product on Alibaba.com

Does anyone have experience with it?

Since I use a wheelchair, I follow this device category pretty closely.

I have tried a couple of different Tuya devices and always ended up sending them back. First, in my experience, they have essentially no safety features, either for fire safety or for things like bump stops. Second, the motors tend to be noticeably weaker than those from other brands. So yes, they are very inexpensive, but there’s a reason for that.

At our house, we use OIide devices for automatic door and window openers. Most of them have good safety features, although it does vary from model to model. And the motors are literally 8 times more powerful than the ones on the Tuya model that you linked to.

The specific model that you linked to, which is called a “window pusher“ may work as long as the window moves really easily, so that you could just tap it lightly with your finger and it would start sliding.

The OIide Can handle windows that require a lot more force, while still having an adjustable stroke to keep from breaking it.

Olide Used to use BroadLink for their voice assistant integrations, so that’s what we have. Their current models almost all use the Tuya Smart Life platform for voice assistant integration, but that’s only on the software side. Olide still makes its own hardware and motors.

So with either brand integration with SmartThings is pretty limited to either Smart Life scenes or Alexa routines. It works fine for us, but it’s not a full integration. In particular, if you open or close the window/door through some other method, including manually, smartthings won’t know about it. So you may want to also add a sensor.

Olide has many different models and can customize some of them. While there are some obvious ESL issues, we have found tech-support for the US distributor to be very helpful.

They also have many of their products, although not all, available on Amazon.

I realize this may be a higher cost than fits your budget. It took me several years to save up for mine after trying the less expensive ones and not being happy with them. The Olide models have worked very well at our house for about two years now.

Alexa Smart Control Sliding Window Opener – olidesmart

But I just wanted to share our experience. If you do get the tuya one, let us know how it works out. :window:


I forgot to mention that if you are ok with the push mechanism blocking part of the open space, some people do use the less expensive Olide casement window opener on sliding windows. You can see how that looks in one of the video reviews at Amazon:


Olide started out designing for businesses, so they tend to design models with fully encased motors which preserve the original functionality of the door/window.

Their recommended solution for sliding windows, the one I first linked to in my previous post, has a motor that runs along an encased track at the top or bottom of the window.

The less expensive one I am linking to in this post has an actuator rod that physically pushes the window from the center point of the opening, designed for skylights and casement windows. That can work fine, but it does mean the post is visible and it cuts the window opening into two sections, which might block emergency exits. So it depends how you want to use it.