Wayzn Sliding Glass Door Opener

Just saw this article on Engadget and it sounds interesting though not sure I’m $399 interested. Be nice if it ends up being possible to integrate it with SmartThings.

My wife and I both work full time so I had looked at the integration someone came up with a while ago for the PetSafe electronic pet door but Lowe’s stopped carrying the one that would connect to SmartThings and I don’t believe it’s made anymore.

Looks interesting! If it works with Alexa you should be able to get partial integration through that.

You could do the same with a linear actuator and a ST_Anything board for a LOT less money. The one thing that I find interesting is that to open the door manually, you have to remove the device from the door. I would find that EXTREMELY annoying.

Yeah, it’s a very different design than the existing ones on the market, and it looks to me like it is lacking most of the safety features that those have, like a bump stop. Also, all the other ones I know do allow you to open it manually without having to remove the device.

Smart Sliding Door Opener/Closer (2019)

OH MY!!! I hadn’t even thought about that. Fido better get his furry rump through the door quickly or he’s in trouble!! That said, as far as people are concerned, the motor doesn’t look like it has enough strength to actually hurt someone. That safety feature is usually built in to the strength of the gears of the motor. If it’s obstructed, it just breaks instead of closing on you. You’re safe but now you’re out $400 too.

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what do you mean “all the other ones I know” for example… what other ones???

Right below the line that you just quoted from my post there is a link to a thread which discusses other options. Just click on that. :sunglasses:

I just installed mine. So far…my dogs are to afraid of it for it to work as intended. Working on finding an integration for it. I’ll let you know if/when I find something.