Olide adds Alexa-compatible wall button for their automatic door opener, and a facial recognition option

When it comes to automatic door openers (as opposed to outside gate openers), three brands have dominated the market. All three have a good safety features so that a pet or a child or just fingers don’t get crushed in the door. And all three have been around for several years.

  1. Skylink Otodor. Inexpensive, easy to add a wired switch to, which makes it easy to integrate with home automation systems by using a smart switch for that device. Unfortunately, they seem to be out of stock everywhere now. I don’t know if that’s just a supply chain issue or if the manufacturer is discontinuing them. They are still listed on the manufacturer site, but no way to buy them.
  1. Olide. Widely available including on Amazon and the UK, these come in many different models and bundle kits. Some are designed to be pet doors, some are for swing doors, some are for sliding doors, some for gates… and they have many different types of actuators, from key fobs to wall buttons. However, most of the wall buttons are proprietary RF and you can’t substitute another device for them. So you have to read product descriptions carefully. Another option was to use a Switchbot to push the wall button, which can work for some use cases, but adds complexity and cost.

  2. Autoslide. The high end option, usually professionally installed but you can get a DIY kit. These are particularly good for heavy sliding doors. Like Skylink, some of these models are made so you can add a wired wall switch, and once you can do that, integration is simple.

So with the difficulty of finding Skylink Otodor recently, that put more attention on Olide for DIY projects.

They have recently added a new wall button which has both their proprietary RF and Wi-Fi and has its own Alexa Integration. It’s about $70 just for the wall button, which seems overpriced compared to the rest of the line, but I guess that’s to cover the development and support cost of adding the Alexa and Google home integrations. :thinking:

You can’t use it to trigger an Alexa routine, but you can make it the action in the routine, so that’s a decent way to get integration with other home automation systems, including smartthings. There is also an IFTTT option.


This should simplify smartthings Integration for this brand.

I’m hoping the Skylink Otodor Will become available again in the future, as that’s just a really nice option for about half the price if you don’t need all the accessories, but the olide is still good value and the new wall button is a good addition to the line. Also, the Skylink models only handle lightweight swing doors, olide has models for many more types of doors, including double swing doors, heavyweight doors, sliding doors, and gates.

BTW, Olide has also added a model with facial recognition. This is intended to replace their fingerprint reader option for pandemic situations, But will obviously have other uses.

I haven’t checked for sure, but I believe you could add their Amazon button from my first post to the set up as well.

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Woo hoo!

Olide is now offering door opener models for both swing doors and sliding doors that come with a Wi-Fi communication unit that works with the TuyaSmart app so you can get voice assistant or smartthings integration that way (it might be only partial integration through Scenes, though), or through IFTTT, so this is going to be the easiest way to get voice control right now.

Cost will be around $700 per door depending on the exact accessories you get.

And a few models, although not all, are available through Amazon prime. :sunglasses:

A friend just ordered one: I’ll post an update after I get to see it in person.

Check descriptions carefully, you want the one that includes the Wi-Fi controller.