Autoslide Integration?

I just installed a pretty cool device that opens and closes your sliding glass door made by Autoslide.
They do offer their own app and wifi module but it’s a little pricey, I read somewhere that you can use a zwave relay to manually activate it.
I’m all good with the relay stuff and wiring.
What I cant find the info in is what pins or configuration I need to do for this?
There is a couple extra ports on sides for lock, and extra wired sensors

Anyway play with this one?

We’ve discussed them a bunch of times in the forums, you can find some previous threads, but I don’t know if anybody actually went with them.

However, they are set up to be able to use a button, so you just replace that button with a zwave switch device and you’re good. It maintains all of the existing safety features because you’re just replacing the button, essentially the same thing that you could do with a garage door.

As far as exactly what wiring to do, I believe autoslide provides that information, you just have to look at it as that you were adding an actuator switch. :sunglasses:

Here’s autoslide’s own short video on The accessory to make that connection. So I would just get in touch with them to follow up on that for wiring diagrams.

And here are some discussion threads, although again, I don’t think there’s anything from someone who’s actually used them with SmartThings:

Smart Sliding Door Opener/Closer (2019)

At one point, @lkjsaendlkje , Who did have the auto slide doors, was going to try to integrate them with smartthings but I don’t know if that was actually done. Although the thread was in the UK section of the forum, the installation was in the US.

Your best bet is to request SmartThings Integration and point them to the SmartThings Schema

I don’t know if that’s the best approach for this particular device because they assume there will be third-party accessories added to their system. That’s pretty typical for door openers. Essentially they are the equivalent of the garage door motor. They don’t make the control device, you buy that separately. And mimolite, for example, already works with smartthings. So it’s literally just missing a wiring diagram, and I think they are giving you that, it’s just that their documentation sucks. :wink:

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Thank you
Being that I dont have their wifi module…
That’s the route I have to go using a ZWave controlled relay to close contacts
…worst case I will have to use the remote control, solder some wires to the momentary switch, external power supply and I’m done.

Reporting back
JDRoberts I followed your direction and it was pretty easy to figure out.
On the side if the unit there is 4 ports with 3 pins.
Trigger, Ground, Power.
And their support was great too! I got a quick email response with good info as well
Seems most of the instructions are videos so not much when searched
But I’m all good now.


Great! :sunglasses: So did you decide on a Z wave module?

This works well for these applications

FortrezZ Z-WavePlus MiMO2+

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