Harmony Smart Control at Best Buy $38.99

Crazy good deal!!

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Wow, it’s $99 on their site. I wonder if this was just your store?

The stores computer showed $99.99. They honored their advertised price of $38.99. Out of stock but shipping free to home.

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guess where I am going in the morning to try and get this deal?

Is this SmartThings compatible? It seems to be a different hub than the one that says its home automation related?

Yes, It is.

It doesn’t have the 4 dedicated ‘smart home buttons’ that you can use for smartthings control. The hub is the same.

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Thanks, I am asking because I thought this is the one my brother has and when he tried to add it as a device the ST is telling him its the wrong part number or something like that.

I have this device working with st. It does need to be updated to the most recent firmware.

Great! I’ll let my brother know. He may not have known that! :+1:

Now that I think about it, In the settings there might have been something else I needed to select as well (I know it was free) I’ll see if I can look it up.

I couldn’t find the upgrade button in the app, because i’ve already done it. Here are the instructions.


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At my best buy, I was in and out in 10 minutes with no problem. I showed someone in the home theater department the picture, he looked it up in their system, and he ordered it for me for $38.99.

Edit: though it takes a while to ship.


Tried to order it, but it was showing unavailable everywhere in the area, and in the warehouse. They said online orders were from that availability and it was all 0’s on the screen.

If anyone gets one of these and would like to trade for any GE z-wave dimmers or GE z-wave wall outlets (the Lowes clamshell case ones) let me know.

I was in and out in about 10 min too…showed the pic (thanks @ranman!!) and the guy working there ordered it for me…he did say he had to fudge the date at the bottom of the tag since it wasn’t printed Monday - not sure what that is all about, but he was nice enough to get it ordered - says it should be here next Tues, the 24th.

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Thanks. Deal Worked out for me.

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