Harmony remotes on Amazon deal of the day

(Jimmy) #1

I know the Ultimate works with ST, not sure about the one on the right

(Jimmy) #2

I ordered the $54 one. From what I read the hub connects to ST with a firmware update and this seems to be the best price Amazon has had.

(Jason) #3

It works perfectly. I’ve been using the Smart Remote Control version for several weeks now. The only difference between the 2 I believe is the remote itself - both versions use the same hub. Great find by the way. I paid $99.

(Todd Whitehead) #4

Where can I get this price? When I look on the site, it is $100.

(Tolik) #5

(Dan) #6

Bummer - missed the deal :frowning:. I got a Harmony Smart Remote at Best Buy for $80 and thought that was a great deal. Yes, it works fine with SmartThings. Harmony added support a couple months after we bought ours. $53 is a steal!

(Cris D) #7

Picked up a Smart remote & hub at a thrift store for $30 2 weeks ago in great shape.