Harmony Sequence to ST Routine

I have a sequence of commands in the harmony app to set my tv sleep timer and dim the screen. Is there anyway to add this sequence to my a routine in ST?

Is this part of an Activity, or commands associated with buttons on a remote?

Thanks for quick reply. Right now it is only a sequence assigned to a
button under one of my activities.

You can only expose activities to ST from Harmony. If you could take the commands and put them into a separate activity, then you can import that into ST as a device and then add that device into an automation.

This is actually something I have been trying to achieve so that I can use additional voice commands from my GH to control my TV (“Channel up” etc).

@jpv027, so yes, as @CorePHX stated, ST (and Alexa) can only see Harmony activities.

You would need to create a separate Activity for the command Sequence you want to perform. Unfortunately, Logi doesn’t provide a way to elegantly return to previous Activity or chain Activities. So you would be stuck in the “Dim TV” Activity. This would only be practical if “Dim TV” was actually a copy of the normal “Watch TV” Activity with the additional command Sequence included during the Start phase.

You could then switch over to the new Activity completely agnostic of ST (i.e. from you Harmony remote, Alexa, etc), or you could work up a scenario in ST to trigger that Activity.

Thanks for the help. I’ll have to give that a shot.