Harmony, alexa, ST

I have setup my harmony with ST and alexa. I am able to turn on “movie” and turn off “movie” and it works great. I have some light bulbs that turn on and turn off with the activity. What I am wanting to do however is when I press play or pause on the [physical remote button (using companion remote that controls nvidia sheild) that it triggers the lights to dim (play would dim them off all the way //// Pause would dim them to 40%). Can this be done thru ST. I called logitech and they said there was no way to do it thru the hub for now.

No, you can only add devices to the start or end of activities in Harmony, you can not add them to the buttons themselves.

Well that sucks…Thanks for the reply. As a work around I added an activity for pause and play on one of the button. Kinda works.