Command Harmony Ultimate from ST?

I was able to set up my Harmony Ultimate to dim the lights when I use the remote to start watching TV. But, can I do the reverse? I mean, can I get ST to send commands to the Harmony Hub so ST can turn my entertainment devices on, off and such?

Yes. From the ST app, go to Marketplace -> Things -> Entertainment -> Remotes & Buttons -> Logitech -> Logitech Harmony Home Hub. You will be asked to provide your Harmony credentials, select your hub(s), then your activities will show as switches in the ST app.

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Hey, I’m trying to figure something out. I’ve connected my harmony hub to ST.

How can I use a harmony activity as a trigger in ST using CoRE?

For example, when X activity is run, do Y.

Your activities will show as switches, so it’s just like using a switch as a trigger.

The only downside to using the activity switch as a trigger is there is quite a bit of lag between when the activity is turned on and when the switch updates in ST, sometimes several minutes. If you’re doing something simple like turning on lights I’d suggest adding the light on command to your Harmony activity instead.

In my case they (activities) never seem to change…

You might try disconnecting and reconnecting your Harmony hub. Might also be able to find one of the polling smart apps and poll the Harmony switches every few minutes.

@destructure00 thanks very much, that’s descent. I was hoping I could just use it to send commands directly to each device, but I can make simple activities for that I guess.

So my “watch TV” activity looks like a switch. If the entertainment devices are all off, and my goodnight switch turns that activity off, will everything turn on (since it is already off)?

My devices stay off.

So do mine - all except the TV that is. If the TV is off, it gets turned on. If its on it gets turned off. Oh well…

I would double check your TV’s power options within Harmony.

Okay, but how?

Hm… In the Harmony phone app the TV has a red power button, a green one and a gray one. As one would expect, red is off, green is on and the gray toggles. So, I assume I can tell Harmony which to use for on and off. Perhaps it is using the toggle…

The setting I use is Keep device always on but switch off when off button is pressed.

Thanks! I fooled with it a bit and seem to have it working. I assigned the off to off, even though it was already assigned. I’ll check out the link and try it the way you did it. Hey, it works, but why stop there?