Harmony Hubs Not Found Anymore?

I have 3 harmony hubs. They were all working fine…visible within SmartThings. Suddenly, two of them dropped out. I have tried unplugging and re-plugging the harmony hubs. I have tried rebooting the ST hub. I also tried signing out of and back into ST from within Harmony.

No luck.

So, now all the activities that are tied to those 2 hubs are not accessible from my ST rules.

Any ideas? Workarounds?

I’m seeing similar intermittent dropout of my single harmony hub, assuming it’s something changed in the interconnect between smartthings and the harmony API

Unfortunately I’m not currently aware of any way to fix this or improve the situation

I did get this all to work again. I think I may have had more than one harmony account and something was in the wrong place. Anyway, it all works again!

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