Harmony Connect App Crashing

Lets give @juano2310 a huge round of applause for the virtual switches addition!! As a ST user I am elated with this addition


@juano2310 I’m in the UK. I’ve added Logitech Harmony (Connect) from templates on the IDE and it appears as an option in the mobile app. When I try to install it though nothing happens. I get the rotating sunburst then nothing. The app shows as installed but selecting it there also just has a brief sunburst then nothing.

I had this working briefly a few weeks ago but now nothing…

How is this supposed to work? Harmony integration was a big thing for me in purchasing ST.


Hmmm, enabling Oauth and updating app makes it do something. Get asked to enter Harmony credentials.
Click to do this and I get {“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“Missing or invalid argument.”}


Hi Tom,
Are you using code or the app in the marketplace?

Code. There is no app in the marketplace for me?

You might be missing the app settings data. This info is confidential and I can’t share but I will check why the app is not available in the UK.

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@juano2310 I just got a replacement V2 hub, old one went dead. and I’ve gone and removed everything from my old hub, and setup my new hub as a new location. For some reason i can’t delete the old location completely… but when I try to connect now to my Logitech devices via the Connect app, I get to the page for Logitech login, I put in the correct credentails, but then I’m taken to a blank page and I’m stuck there… is there a limitation with the C2C application that doesn’t allow for multiple locations on an account to work with the OAUTH piece?

That shouldn’t be an issue. Is you harmony hub up to date?

Yep, up to date. I’m wondering if i have some sort of stuck OAUTH tokens from the old application that’s causing issue, seems to be not just with Harmony Connect app, but also with Jawbone UP application too. I did delete those applications from the Location page within the Developer Site, and not from the mobile “remove / uninstall” action. Think that has anything to do with it?

I’ve got a ticket into support to delete my old Hub and Location out, and I’ll see how things behave when they get that done, and then circle back to this thread.

Wanted to verify if it should support multiple hubs.

@juano2310 So aparently patience was the key here… Worked this morning once i tried. So either you guys were doing something last night, or it just needed time to wipe out the old OAUTH values that were tied to Harmony? (I’m guessing here…)

Thanks for your evening response yesterday, thought I owed the thread and you a reply to confirm its working now!

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That’s great new! Glad it’s working :smile:
Thanks for posting!

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@jauno2310 any news on why it isn’t available in the UK? Harmony can’t connect to Smartthings as they haven’t fixed the OAuth issue yet but that shouldn’t mean it doesn’t work the other way round?
In fact at one point I had it working and @timflinders has it working at the moment so why isn’t this available to us even with the caveat that it is one way Smartthings->Harmony until they put through their fixes too?

Hi @TomM,
I started inquiring and tracking who can make it available in the UK Marketplace. The code passed QA from SmartThings side but maybe that isn’t enough to make it available. I know it is frustrating but I’m not familiar with the UK process and I’m trying to get more information. Maybe @Tyler can add some light to the process :smile: