Harmony Action Delay

Has anyone found issues with massive delay using Harmony?

Alexa or ST integration, doesn’t matter when you ask Harmony to do something it takes literally 2-5 mins to actually perform the action.

I just ran one of my harmony activities and it ran in a few seconds. So I am not seeing any delays.

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Do you have a Draytek router by any chance - there is an issue with the default setting that needs tweaking.

The TCP WWW Timeout value is too low on Draytek routers for Harmony via Alexa to work consistently. The default value on my Draytek was 60 seconds, I saw a post from Logitech saying to try increasing it and since setting mine to 3600 secs mine has worked every time.


Has the issue just started spontaneously or have you only just set this up?

Always, and to answer your question yes, I do indeed have Draytek.

Thanks for this heads up, I will review and see if that works.

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Bingo :slight_smile: hopefully that will give you an answer!

Ok, changes made and it looks to be working now.

Thank you very much.

How on earth did you diagnose this?

It took me absolutely forever to fix - Logitech Harmony support team were absolutely terrible and didn’t know a thing, now it’s been resolved I’m happy to say its working now.

BTW - as you have a Draytek if it’s a Vigor 2860 DONT update to the latest firmware (I’ve just done it and it screwed my network up - I’ve just downgraded back to

Guy :slight_smile:


I may of spoke to soon, it still seems intermittent.

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