Harmony/SmartThings Lag

(Hiato) #1

I own a harmony elite and I’m having issues controlling it from both, SmartThings and Alexa skill. There’s a 2 minutes lag between the command and the response… any idea how to fix this?

(Kraeg) #2

Do you have a Draytek router?


(Hiato) #3

Yes I do! I will try this and report back. Thanks!

(Kraeg) #4

Worked well for me, but took 24 hours or so to fully work. So don’t get worried if it doesn’t work straight away.

(Hiato) #5

Any idea how to change it exactly? I opened the NAT menu inside my router main page but can’t seem to find it… and i don’t know where to type in the >portmaptime command…

(Kraeg) #6

You need to connect to the router with command line SSH, not via the web interface.

This guide should help: https://www.draytek.co.uk/support/guides/kb-draytek-cli-win

But basics, if on Windows Os, download a program called Putty, open it and type in the IP of your router and select SSH. Then click connect

You will be presented with a black box asking for a username and password. Type in your routers login details.

From then on you can type the commands listed in that post I gave you.

Be warned, messing about in the command line can render your router unusable if you aren’t careful.

(Hiato) #7

Awesome, thanks a lot @kraegd, i’ll try it and report back.

(Kraeg) #8

If that website asking you to login, this one is open:

(Bharat Patel) #9

Hi, I am having a very similar issue and also have a draytek router. The link you posted no longer works. Would you be able to relink please?

(Kraeg) #10

Hi Baz,