Harmony/SmartThings Lag

I own a harmony elite and I’m having issues controlling it from both, SmartThings and Alexa skill. There’s a 2 minutes lag between the command and the response… any idea how to fix this?

Do you have a Draytek router?


Yes I do! I will try this and report back. Thanks!

Worked well for me, but took 24 hours or so to fully work. So don’t get worried if it doesn’t work straight away.

Any idea how to change it exactly? I opened the NAT menu inside my router main page but can’t seem to find it… and i don’t know where to type in the >portmaptime command…

You need to connect to the router with command line SSH, not via the web interface.

This guide should help: https://www.draytek.co.uk/support/guides/kb-draytek-cli-win

But basics, if on Windows Os, download a program called Putty, open it and type in the IP of your router and select SSH. Then click connect

You will be presented with a black box asking for a username and password. Type in your routers login details.

From then on you can type the commands listed in that post I gave you.

Be warned, messing about in the command line can render your router unusable if you aren’t careful.

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Awesome, thanks a lot @kraegd, i’ll try it and report back.

If that website asking you to login, this one is open:

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Hi, I am having a very similar issue and also have a draytek router. The link you posted no longer works. Would you be able to relink please?

Hi Baz,