Harman Spark Integration with SmartThings

If someone could figure out if its possible to make a smart app for the Harman Spark I would be willing to pay for the work.

You mean this device below? What would you want it to “do” in SmartThings?

Since Samsung owns Harman, I would presume they will be working on their own official integration … someday? Or am I confusing different products?

Yes that exact device. I just purchased one today. I would like to see it as a presence sensor. Kind of like the Vinli integration. Vinli has an app that when the vehicle enters a geo fence area you can trigger switches. I used vinli but tmobile doesnt work at our house.

Currently I have tasker intercepting the sparks notifications and having it trigger devices via sharp tools until there’s a better option.

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That’s not a bad way to do it at all, really.

Just have it trigger a Virtual Presence Sensor, and then it can be used with any SmartApp that uses Presence (including SHM, etc.).

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I just kept it the way vinli did it for sake of not having to change a bunch of things lol. I just use virtual triggers to run webCoRE pistons. I use it at work too, so it would be a pain to change everything lol. I just like the smoothness of not having to make so many cloud hops. Knowing Samsung owns Harman I wonder if you’re right and there will be an official integration eventually

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@tgauchat I wrote Harman and they say there’s no plans, at this moment, to integrate it into smart home things. I looked for their api and can’t find it. According to one of their partners, tantalum corp., the SDK and api are publicly available but I cant find it. Even if I could find it I wouldn’t even know how to integrate it…which is why I was willing to pay anyone that could figure it out.

I requested the info that i share with them and it provided a public key and secret key with a bunch of other code. I’m assuming they have an api somewhere. I would love to have the gps integrated into smartthings so i can have the gps fire switches.

if they sent you an API key they must have an api, did you ever find any more info? I would love to hear anything else you have because I was looking for this api and found this thread

I didn’t get any further with it as the device at the time was extremely buggy and i returned it to AT&T.