Vinli and Smartthings

I wanted to share my experience with Vinli and Smartthings integration. I have had my Vinli device working for a couple of months now and it is now integrated with Nest and Smartthings. This is by far a better presence sensor than any others that I have used. I tried the arrival sensors for smartthings and they have too much lag. I tried geofencing through ST with the arrival sensor and it still has too much lag. I tried IFTTT geofencing and it had too much lag as well. However I set my geofence in the Vinli Home Connect app and linked it with ST and the minute I reached my driveway my garage opened and lights came on just as I had set it up to do. No lag at all. I basically have SHM working better now as well. I use the geofencing in ST to change SHM state before the geofence of my Vinli opens the garage. So I have a larger geofence for ST and a smaller one for Vinli and it works great. Doing this eliminated the lag in ST that caused false alarms in SHM.


Thanks for the info @edden. I have been trying for a while now to get the presence sensors to work well. I want to do basically what you described where when i come home it opens the garage and turns off the alarm system. Or the opposite when i leave.

My latest attempt has been with tasker and autoLocation. They seem to work better than ST or iBeacons but i still seem to have issues with quite a bit of lag time before it detects that i am within the geo fenced area. I have never been sure if it is my setup or just the tech i was using.

Is there a specific device type or smart app you used to get this working? Also, is the device you were talking about?

It is actually a direct integration with Vinli and Smartthings in the Vinli home connect app. Basically you plug Vinli into the OBD port on your car and download the Vinli app and the Home Connect app. Go through home connect app to connect service to ST and set up the interactions. It is really simple. I am using it on IOS. Yes you are looking at the correct website.

In your Home Connect rule, what type of SmartThings device are you controlling to perform these actions? Could you please provide details on what you have been able to successfully control in SmartThings via Home Connect rules? Thanks.

I am using a mimolite to open and close my garage door. It is set up in the ide as a momentary contact switch. In the home connect app I pick that sensor. The home connect app can work with switches and it works with nest.

I used a mimolite as my garage controller. Set it in the ide as a momentary contact switch and then chose it in the home connect app to trigger when I get inside the geofence.