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Hello there,

I hope is ok to post this here:

I have been working for a while on an expansion module for (bigger I guess) smart homes and offices (render image below)

This was originally based on Domoticz but recently I learnt that there’s a great handler to connect it to SmartThings so wondered if anyone is interested in contributing on doing an easier integration with SmartThings.

There’s more information on its hardware here (I’ll try to keep updating it):

In general I’m trying to make a very affordable device to use with any open or semi open software out there.
Following this and to avoid re-inventing the wheel, the interface with the board follows MySensors guidelines, so if you are able to talk to it via UART, then you can control the board.

I have put this page which is a bit more flashy as people from other groups were asking me what it did.

At the moment I’m looking for my second batch of boards, if anyone is interested… I also have a spare board which I’ll be happy to donate to anyone interested on developing / integrating with SmartThigns.

Any questions, doubts, please ask me. And not trying to sell anything, just sharing something I have built for myself over the last year. Just hoping that it goes beyond just my home :sweat_smile:


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A quick video of the real thing working: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=199SrJSr_j4

Just ran across this. Looks to be a pretty impressive piece of hardware based on your site.
There may already be a start for integration between Domoticz and Smarthings

Thanks, yes I did try it. It did work well but when you have a few hundred devices things get a bit slow… I would prefer a direct integration to be honest.

Thanks for sharing!