FS: Want my smart-Pi system?

I am building a new Smart-Pi system. I am thinking about selling my old one but if anyone on here would be interested shoot me a message. I figured I’d see if anyone here was interested in this pre-made cool project.

Raspberry pi programmed with webiopi Static Ip ( can change this to your network before I ship )
16 channel sainsmart relay
16 channel sainsmart 3.3v to 5v converter/board.
12V power supply for the pi and relay
12V power supply for the use of the relay
( optional , I used this pi relay to run 12v to all of my house and 12v to my echo’s 12v to 5v invertors )
a 10amp fuse relay board for the 12V power.
All of the components are in electrical/security boxes.

It uses the WebIOPI as seen here.

I am still using WEBIOPI ( this is free ) BUT my new setup is in a 4" deep 24x24 metal security box with all DIN rail setup. I’ve been using the old system for about 6 months and it has worked flawlessly. But I am getting more into production CNC equipment and making a lot more professional setups. Also my new system I programmed a Node.js so it uses the amazon buttons. Amazon buttons are 10 for $20 on ebay. You could program the node.js on this if you want the raspberry pi handles the amazon button scripts great.