Sonoff mini

Hey guys!

Can somebody help to write a handler for this baby?

SONOFF alreay presented this for the DIY:


UP! BUMp! No one?

Yeah, it seems unnecessarily slow since there are scads of device handlers for many Sonoff devices already. Right now I’m working on how I can use mqtt on a raspberry pi to support real time updates in smartthings, while simultaneously learning about . Though I have a smartthings hub may not mean that is the end all be all. I have a few Wyze devices and 10 Sonoff Mini’s I’d like to see as a finished product soon so I will get to it when I can.

Check out this link Integrating Sonoff Mini with ST. My findings has everything you need. Even real time updates. Check post 23.

It turns out in the last 10 days I’ve made a lot of headway and have already integrated my sonoff mini with SmartThings. In fact, I have even posted around thread 40 in the link you sent. .

Your work helped me get my first mini working with ST. Waiting for 10 more from China. Thank you for your hard work!!! Just trying to share a solution with others

Thanks for the word. I did work hard and fast at it and was quick to share the success so others could do it too.