Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller

That makes sense to me. The only issue, is that if those wires ARE for h/m/l/r I’m not sure how well it will work with them all being tied together. (Giving power to all at once.) I think it’s definitely worth a shot though. What’s the worse that could happen? You have to replace the fan? I’m sure you don’t want to go back to stock, that won’t integrate with ST. lol

Yeah, no company is going to tell you how to mod their products to either violate the warranty or the UL listing.

I don’t think you should tie all those lines together. Best case the fan is always on high or worst case you hear a loud pop and that’s that.

I think you need to figure out what the fan does with those four lines. From your description, it seems that the receiver does the speed selection in its circuitry and thus only has one output which it is expecting to go direct to the fan motor. The fan, however, also has some circuitry in it that allows its stock receiver to control the motor via the separate lines. You can only have one thing controlling the speed. In essence you need to either “wire around” whatever the four fan input lines are connected to inside the housing and go direct to the motor or find one of the inputs on the fan (such as the highest speed one which is probably just a direct connection to the motor) and tie it to the receiver output and cap the other fan inputs – just depends on what the fan does with those four wires and how the fan circuitry sets the speed.


I would suggest trying to find the wire for the high speed and connecting the receiver fan output to it.

That should control all the speeds to the motor as well as the reverse

Do not tie the rest of the wires together, just cap each individually

Best of luck.

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.1. high speed, agree, tying only to the high speed, is likely OP’s best option. Even so, I don’t think you’ll be able to get significantly varying speeds, since the 5 wire motor connection implies separate windings. The Zigbee 3-wire controller implies speed-capacitor control that is for a different motor type.

.2. reverse, disagree, this Zigbee controller will not control reverse with this motor. With careful experimentation, I think you might be able to wire permanently in one direction of your choosing.

.3. agree, cap the rest of the wires individually. Usually you have to expect that energizing all the windings simultaneously will destroy the motor.

.4. basically this controller is not designed for this fan. Anything you do with this combination is a hack.

Hey, new to the forum here (and to HA in general) but just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all the guys who have been pioneers in this field and especially where the Zigbee Fan Controller is concerned.

Have been trying to purchase two via the KoF references, but all the numbers I’ve found on this site don’t seem to work (1-800-283-6513, 1-800-749-3269, 1-800-986-3460). They all indicate the circuits are busy and the call doesn’t go through. Is there another way to directly access the parts department to order these?

Thanks again to everyone for contributing to this. Looking forward to not having to push a ‘button’ to turn on my equipment soon. :grin:

Not sure where you got those numbers from. I know of only one number 1-800-749-3267.
you have 3269 above. Follow the directions at the very top of this thread (which also includes a link to contacting the manufacturer) and you should be golden.

Sorry to resurrect this old thread…
Got an email alert from HomeDepot that it was in stock today!!!..I didn’t see it for 6 hours and it shows out of stock…I’m wondering if everyone here got the alert and jumped on it, or if Home Depot just sent the alert by mistake…

Did anyone else get the alert and get one? We’ve only been waiting over a year for these…

I jumped on it while it was in stock. I got a confirmation of my order but it hasn’t shipped yet.

I Got one. Will be so nice to have control of my dining room light/fan that always gets left on and the remote is always in that room. :slight_smile:

OK…now I’m sad I missed out, but the fact that they got some hopefully means there’s more coming soon!

I’m curious if this is the exact same model/design as the replacement part we’ve gotten previously from KOF. I ask because my two KOF units are pretty bad at maintaining the ZigBee connection. Hoping these units are “new and improved”.

I tried to get 5. Only was able to get 2

I wouldn’t bet on that…

But assuming they fulfill my order I’m happy to look for any differences between the two (model #, FCC ID, etc).

However I’m not having any zigbee dropout issues with the KOF receiver I installed last weekend. My fan is in the same room as my hub so hopefully that issue won’t affect me.

I’ve located my hub very near my two fans and now have 99% uptime. But, according to my wife, the hub really needs to get out of her dinette. Each time I try to gradually move it away (needs to go just 15 feet), it begins failing.

LOL. I guess you can’t put it on top of the dinette? That’s where mine is, and it’s out-of-sight enough for my wife.

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I got an order in too, while it was in stock. No shipping notice yet.

HomeDepot didn’t send me an email ): even though I was subscribed. Guess I got to wait

I didn’t get the stock email but I saw a post on here. I ordered one and it said delivery within a week.

Just overnight my card was charged and then I got an email that said it is out of stock and my item is delayed. It states that if they cannot fill the order by 9/27 they will auto cancel my order unless I call.

Update - I called them and they said my item is NOT on backorder and I should receive it in the next 7 days. But they were unable to provide shipping information yet.

Fingers crossed.


I got the same email around midnight, and my card was charged too. Guess I need to give them a call. :roll_eyes:


Got the exact same email. I paid with Paypal. I’m going to wait a week or two and see what happens.