Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller

Same here. I called and they said they are expecting more to come in next week.

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I just spoke to HD customer service on the phone. They said the manufacturer notified them last night it’s on back order.

The rep said they are expecting more in mid-September.

Has anyone actually received a shipping email?

My order shipped.


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I got a shipping notice also!

Coming from CA to PA and taking 8 days… :weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary:

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I think 8 days is short compared to the time we’ve already waited.

yeah I agree. Just trying to be humorous. :grin:

its worth the wait…

I went the older route of ordering over the phone and have 4 units already with the reverse option.

I have to wait for HD to list them back online so i can order 4 more units. Unfortunately the new ones dont have the reverse option on the remote, but as these units would be going in guest bedrooms and the living room, it does not matter.

Now i need a solution for my 2 six speed fans with built in digital remotes…

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Not to take this off topic but:
Well, sadly this is HD’s M.O. HD’s online ordering and delivery process is nearly 100% drop ship from vendor for “items not found in store” so there isn’t any stock, no warehouse, and no guarantee it will ship until they get a response that their PO to the vendor is fulfilled…the warehouse-less distributor model like Wayfair and others. Hence the long delivery times and (relatively) high chance of out of stock…1-2 days for PO, 1 day for ship, 3-5 for delivery. This compares to Lowe’s which has guaranteed 2-3 day delivery which uses their 1800+ stores as a giant warehouse where they pull from stock and only raise a PO with a vendor if it is out of stock, etc. Although you have a higher guarantee of getting what you order within 3 days, there’s a more limited selection…interestingly enough this is what Amazon is trying to do in reverse with opening physical stores.

Anyhow, for low stock items like this one I think we’ll see this every time it’s available. Why no one else seems to want to make this is a mystery to me given the high spend on home automation.

Looks like mine shipped also. :slight_smile:


Mine shipped as well. Should be here (CA to TN) in about 6 days.

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Are there multiple models of this unit? I picked up two @ HD but can’t get them to pair with my hub… Details on these seem to be scarce.

Do your models say works with wink?

the newer models are different than the ones that came with the fan, which had a reverse option

Probably the DTH needs to be updated for the new signature for these to work with ST

Does the unit pair with ST (probably would have paired as a THING) ? if so, the signature can be added to the current DTH


No I don’t see anything about Wink, which leads me to believe they have a couple different models and I have the one without Zigbee.

Can anyone post a link to the thing that’s back in stock that you all ordered? Was the correct repair part available online via retail?

See the first post of this thread.

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Pardon my question - I read the whole thread but still…

As I understand it the only way to get the Zigbee Wink receiver is to:

  1. Purchase the whole fan assembly.


  1. Call the parts department and order the part.

After that is acquired, you need either:

  1. White universal remote
  2. Black thermostatic remote
  3. In-wall control

And there’s a possibility of the Zigbee Wink receiver to go retail sometime around November.

Did I get it all?

Correct. There was a limited number release of the retail kit online. Hope HD gets more stock soon.

The link at the top of the thread is for the product that was temporarily in stock. It’s the receiver and remote. Let’s hope the manufacturer will keep stocking it for retail sale again.

Or you can just control it with SmartThings. SmartThings should be able to directly control the fan without any remote or in-wall control. I just ordered the parts yesterday, so I’ll let you know next week.