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Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan controller

(Devesh Batra) #157

Thanks for checking. This is certainly good news. Opens up opportunities for more remotes. We have an average of 3 remotes per room (keep loosing them).

(Paul Champagne) #158

I know it’s been discussed, but I’m not sure if the conclusion was definitive, so I would like to make sure that you can pair the receiver with Smartthings without the remote.

(Alexander Van Deusen) #159

Hi just want to confirm a couple things.

The Hampton bay universal remote and wall switch work with any fan model??

If I purchase the Inwall controller I dont have to purchase the remote?

It will pair directly with Smartthings?

I see in the video it has thermostatic control. That functions with Smart things and the wall control only without the remote?

(Scott Alexander) #160

So here is my understanding of the scenario. It consists of the following components

  1. your dumb AC motor fan
  2. A specific hard to acquire (must be purchased as a replacement part) Zigbee/RF Fan Canopy Receiver
  3. A thermostatic remote on same RF frequency as 2.
  4. A In Wall RF Controller on same RF frequency as 2.
  5. A SmartThings ecosystem with the Zigbee/RF Fan Canopy Receiver added as a Thing with a custom device type handler.

So if you use the “Thing” in SmartThings with the custom DTH you will be able to interact with the fan and light via the Zigbee portion of the receiver. It will translate those zigbee commands into specific actions to turn on the light, fan/speed.

If you use the In Wall RF Controller you’ll be able to interact with the fan and light via the RF portion of the receiver. It will translate those RF commands into specific actions to turn on the light, fan/speed.

If you set a temp on the thermostatic remote, the logic in the remote will, upon a certain temperature being reached, interact with the fan and light via the RF portion of the receiver. It will translate those RF commands into specific actions to turn on the light fan/speed.

So the last two scenarios aren’t very unique these methods have been around for awhile and will work with a properly paired RF receiver in most AC motor fans where said receiver will fit… The unique thing about this setup is the additional functionality provided by the Zigbee chip on the receiver. So its the one device by which you can interact manually via SmartThings, Automatically via a Smart Things SmartApp, Manually via a RF wall switch, Automatically via a thermostatic RF remote. Any interactions via wall switch and or remote should be completely independent of SmartThings Ecosystem/Cloud.

(Alexander Van Deusen) #161

I guess my follow-up questions are:

If paired as both a thing in smart things and using the RF in the Wall controller. I should be able to control light and basic high low off fan operation if needed manually from the wall control.

What i really care about is the ability to integrate smart things functionality with the fan as a thing. For example once its a thing in smart things.

  1. Will I be able to leverage my zwave aeon multisensors to say the room temperature is 78 degrees send a command to turn on the fan.
  2. I sense motion (via the aeon multisensor) in the room if the temperature is 75 or higher send a command to turn on.
  3. Conversely if no motion turn off the fan.
  4. Leverage my Amazon Alexa voice command integration to turn on the fan or light etc…

(Dale C) #162

Yes that is the plan with this new DH for the ZigBee Fan/Light Receiver.

@scottalex has it correct but let me clarify; the optional Universal Thermostatic Controller and In-Wall Remote actually come with their own RF only (non ZigBee) receiver. I should have flipped the retail package over and it is still inside the package. Typically people buy those optional remotes for upgrading their fans for RF control only but I bought it to see if the wireless remotes were compatible with the ZigBee receiver AND RF control which my video shows “yes” they are. So think of those as additional wireless remote options to the ZigBee receiver on SmartThings if you so choose to spend the extra money to give you in-wall or Thermostatic control (but it is very basic rudimentary control only BUT with the huge benefit of standalone local control using a remote)

The scenario you are asking above is you don’t need the optional Thermostatic remote because you are asking to do thermostat control via SmartThings devices. It could be done today via CoRE smartapp by @ady624 and I am in the process of re-writing my standalone 3-speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat smartapp to be compatible with this new device handler.

Just note that the device handler is still [Alpha] and is currently under a cool modification by @ranga , @stephack and myself to take advantage of the new parent-child functionality for device handlers. This new capability will hopefully give you exactly what you are asking for in terms of controlling the ZigBee fan/light device using standard smartapps like SmartLighting or Alexa without the hurdle of loading custom smartapp’s

(Paul Haskins) #163

OK , following this and STILL confused.

I see the remote has a receiver module - is IT the Zigbee, or do I need a separate Zigbee receiver.

The on-wall unit - Do I even need it? All I need there is light control. AND does the on-wall unit , the light part go full on or must one cycle through all the dim to bright … etc.

Reason is I have 2 of the old style and detest the way one must turn on the lights.

(Dale C) #164

Not sure what remote you are talking about? The two optional remotes I showed do not come with ZigBee receivers BUT the remote can work with the ZigBee receiver.
Did you have a chance to read my First Impressions review or see the videos there yet? I think I covered most of your questions.

Remember that the parts I ordered were repair parts and you don’t have to get the repair part wireless remote that comes with it. You could opt to not get it and instead use one of these other choices so the answer is:

Nope you do not need either of those remotes I showed. Those were just alternative ways to control the Zigbee receiver wirelessly. Some people like myself want to be able to mount a wall switch for control of the ZigBee receiver and not worry about misplacing the hand-held wireless remote. The thermostatic remote is just that; if you want standalone temperature control of the ceiling fan.

If you watch the video you can see it demoed. The light button does both on-off and dimming control based on whether you leave the button depressed and hold it. You can cycle the light on-off with the button and by keeping button depressed it will dim to the level until you release. The dimming will go one direction until you reach the end and then it will start going the other way.

(Paul Haskins) #165

Thanks - that clarifies it. I’d read the previous though now watched the vid.

I do plan on getting the Zigbee parts - I just thought that HD hand finally released a “package”.

No need at all for the remotes, I’ll just use ST stuff for it.

(Paul Champagne) #166

Is there a way to pair the receiver to Smartthings without any remote?

(Dale C) #167

I don’t know for certain because I used the remote. The pairing is initiated by turning on the fan so you can try cycling the power after you start the Add a Things discovery to see if that does it.

EDIT: YES I was able to confirm you absolutely can pair the Zigbee receiver without actually having the wireless remote control. The steps are as follows.
-The fan needs to be unpowered from the switch or the breaker.
-In SmartThings app go to the Things menu and scroll to the bottom to click on the “+ Add a Thing” link.
-Apply power to the zigbee device via the breaker or wall switch. Give the device a minute to turn on and for SmartThings to find it automatically in your app. You will see it discovered and simply clik on OK for the paring and you are done.

You will see both the KOF Ceiling Fan and the KOF Ceiling Fan Light show up as new things in the Things list.

(Paul Champagne) #168

Thank you Dale,

by the way, I’ve been using your ceiling fan thermostat ever since you posted it and I can tell you that it is great.
Looking forward to your update and using it with this setup as well. Thanks for all the hard work.

(Dale C) #169

You are welcome! Just curious why you didn’t want a remote? You gotta be single because my wife hates being forced to pull out a phone for using the mobile app to control the ceiling fan speeds. :grinning:

(Paul Champagne) #170

Well, I will have the wall remote, and we have both a Google home and Alexa that can control the system. But in truth, ever since we started using your app, we almost never touch any control for the fans. They start and stop, change speed all on their own. Which is what a smart home should do in my opinion. Your app makes all the difference.

I did buy the remote anyway because I wasn’t sure if it was necessary to pair with the hub.

(Emerson Vier) #171

@dalec could you please help me, I bough one this .

I am waiting for delivery, I have questions?
1 - I need buy this remote ?

2 - How I will pairing to Smartthing?

3 - What DH do you use?

(Dale C) #172

Those two remotes you listed are just universal remotes with standard RF wireless receivers. You need to get the special dual wireless receiver that has Zigbee and RF receiver first which is only available as a repair part order for now. Then you can choose which of the remotes you want to run with the Zigbee receiver. Go to my First Impressions review and read about it to get all the links for where and how to purchase.

In the link above I share the 3 custom device handlers I install before you pair the zigbee device.


@emersonvier You will need the Wink Receiver noted above by @dalec. With the wall module you purchased, you can just buy the Wink Receiver (J) without the remote unless you’d like one.

(Emerson Vier) #174

@dalec and @jhamstead, I bought MR101Z now I waiting for delivery price $83 with shipping.

Thank you.

(Mark) #175

Ugh, I wish they would just release the retail kit already. I’m getting awfully close to giving in and ordering the parts since the DTH @dalec is working on seems to be in increasingly good shape. Maybe when it gets warmer out.

(Dale C) #176

The latest version uses the new parent-child feature available in device handlers and kudos to @stephack who is doing an outstanding job with it. Especially with such sparse documentation but with helpful direction from some of our seasoned community forum developers @krlaframboise @erocm1231 it is working lean and mean. These new parent-child feature exposes all the control points now instead of only the light so that non-custom SmartApps, Alexa, Google Home, etc can access it. I have been using it and can say IT ROCKS baby! :grinning:.
It should be getting posted soon after some final testing.