Halo Smart Smoke Detector

Such a sorry state of affairs for smoke detectors, the new nest api doesn’t even support them. I’m hoping they add it so I can switch back to nest.

I’d gladly make the button myself but the DTH for these is still not public

The hubitat dth does not have hush implemented either.

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Anybody know of a way in which we can eliminate some alerts for the Halo+ weather alerts. I don’t need alerts for a thunderstorm watch or winter storm watch as I only want alerts for warnings not watches. I tried toggling them to false in the settings in the new app but they will not stay in that state and there is no save button.

You can set those preferences in the IDE at the device level and save them there for now.

Since the old S.T. app is no longer has anyone found a way to add the HUSH feature in the new S.T. app? This is horrible as it goes off with weather at 2 am and I dont know how to stop it… I reached out to S.T. and they said sorry… It was lost with the old App… I dont get it since it was in the old app they should be able to transfer it but they cant… HELP??

Unless someone at ST decides to create a custom capability to fix it, no. It would take all of a half hour to create a custom capability with a push button to send the hush command instead of the old tile for classic, but the device handler is not open source so the community cannot do it.

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So I am using the new smartthings app since old one died. I have two spare halo plus.

One of mine is dying and want to replace it. Can someone tell me how with the new app? I see someone says to choose a zigsbee device but can you elaborate more?



You just add device and select scan nearby.

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Sorry I only use Smarththings for my Samsung devices and my Halo’s And I added the halos from their app a long time ago. So when you select scan nearby it just adds and you dont need to choose a device type. That makes sense.

And what about the firmware it talks about on here. That will just update?

My issue if anyone has seen it is my basement one reports Smoke about once a day and almost instantly reports cleared. There is no smoke. My basement is kind of cold (in 60’s) where it is so thought it may be a temp thing.

I am scared to replace but if I have to I will do it.

Oh and Thank you for replying!!!

I don’t know if smartthings will update the firmware for these.

what are they talking about a humidity fix then. I guess I am confused but as long as I can add it thats fine I guess

The fix was in the device handler, you don’t need to do anything.

I still think their readings are inaccurate even after the fix.

ok thank you again for your help

My issue with mine got worse. First a smoke alarm and then a minute later it cleared and then carbon monoxide alarm and it would not go off so I had the fire department come out and they found zero carbon monoxide. So I replaced the detector with one of my spare ones. No alarms and all is fine. (oh and I also have another carbon monoxide attached to my alarm system and it did not go off).

So is the one I took down trash or any way to re calibrate the sensors?

Once they break they are done, I had the same problem had to replace with a spare

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I have about a dozen Halo units (mostly Plus some New in box) and some used and a few open box. I decided to go with something that works with my home automation so I have units from two homes. All a good price. Contact me if interested. And the more you want the better I can price them.

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Thanks, buddy! My wife said we can’t be friends anymore haha


lmao, I’ll send her links too!

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Maybe I need to include a rose with each smoke detector?