Halo Smart Smoke Detector

My issue with mine got worse. First a smoke alarm and then a minute later it cleared and then carbon monoxide alarm and it would not go off so I had the fire department come out and they found zero carbon monoxide. So I replaced the detector with one of my spare ones. No alarms and all is fine. (oh and I also have another carbon monoxide attached to my alarm system and it did not go off).

So is the one I took down trash or any way to re calibrate the sensors?

Once they break they are done, I had the same problem had to replace with a spare

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I have about a dozen Halo units (mostly Plus some New in box) and some used and a few open box. I decided to go with something that works with my home automation so I have units from two homes. All a good price. Contact me if interested. And the more you want the better I can price them.

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Thanks, buddy! My wife said we can’t be friends anymore haha


lmao, I’ll send her links too!

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Maybe I need to include a rose with each smoke detector?



I’m starting to experience premature (well less than 10 years) Halo failures. Thus far it has been the Halo+ units. I switched one house to Nest Protect, which somewhat integrated with SmartThings, and have spares for another house. I was a little uncomfortable using smoke/CO detectors from a company that is no longer in business and will eventually get rid of all the HALO units.

On another note, I found it a little funny that the voice features for HALO and Nest are almost the same (“The alarm will sound, the sound is loud”). I wonder which one was the copycat?

I will probably switch back to nest when Google gets around to integrating them into Google home.

Unless they drop the nest protects from their products. You never know but There has not been an update for the protects in many years.

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This is exactly what I expect. I dont see them pulling them in anytime soon, if ever. When my Nests expire (5 more years) im going back to standard wired interconnected smokes and wiring a ZWave relay into the loop.

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