Halo smoke detector

Just read an article in the Charlotte Observer about Halo and integration with Lowes Iris. The article mentions that Halo will announce notifications from Iris. Wow ST needs to integrate with Halo. That is a must have feature and to have it voice announce through smoke detectors is a great way to deliver that feature.

Halo product is still in pre-release, you can’t actually install it yet. Last I saw they still didn’t have a UL certification, an essential for a smoke detector.

They announced a partnership with Lowe’s iris in January at CES, but obviously they have to have a salable product before any announcements will matter.

We’ll see what actually gets delivered once they start to ship.

As to whether it would be useful for smartthings, maybe. SmartThings already has multiple ways to do voice notifications, and many safety experts advise not adding non life and death emergency announcements to a fire safety system. Tornado warnings, OK. But “the laundry’s done” maybe not if it might delay the fire safety announcement.


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Totally agree from the safety perspective. Definitely want the smoke, fire, carbon monoxide alerts to take precedent over other notifications. I think it is just interesting to see where the connected home can go. This is a very interesting product that is really trying to be what the Nest Protect was supposed to be but failed. The last information I had was the UL certification was being completed and they were expecting to have product to backers in June with retail delivery by August. We will see if they get there.

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