ST Compatible Alarm detector like Roost or WeMo's new offering

(Keith Croshaw) #1

I’ve been interested in smoke / CO alarm notification since I learned about SmartThings, I’m in the process of adding on more than 20% of my existing square footage to my house which by code is forcing me to get hardwired interconnected smoke detectors.

I’ve seen some posts about wiring up a relay to a MIMOlite but I’ve seen some news lately about devices that listen for an audible alarm.

One is the Roost Smart Battery. Another isn’t quite out yet but the Belkin Wemo Alarm Sensor. Does anyone know of any devices that already work with ST that work like this? I might have missed something in my search.

(Jeff DeWolfe) #2

I believe the Smoke or Smoke and Carbon Monoxide dectectors that Lowes sells will work. They are made by FirstAlert.

(Keith Croshaw) #3

Yea I wanted to get those until my township enforced hardwired interconnected smoke detectors which I have not seen any that work with ST.

Gotta love fire codes…

More interested in devices that listen for the frequency of a smoke alarm like the two listed in my initial post.

(Brian Smith) #4

We have the same issue with the hardwired interconnect. It is becoming quite standard from what I’ve been reading. The only hardwired ones I found were the Nest Protects.

(Keith Croshaw) #5

Yea my building inspector told me he just approved someone with those, but they’re expensive. I need 1 per bedroom + 1 extra per floor. 5 x $199 (for hardwired) = wallet pain.

I’ll probably do the whole MIMOLite build, and once I’m done somebody will come out with something.

(Pizzinini) #6

There is an existing discussion about this. I have connected my 20+ hardwired smoke alarms to smartthings for about $60 using a first alert relay aand a schlage sensor:

(Keith Croshaw) #7

Yea I’m aware of that solution, just looking to see if anybody knows of one that listens for smoke alarms.

(Keith Croshaw) #8

My review of the Roost Smart Battery: