Halo Smart Smoke Detector

@Joshua_Cox, (or anyone else) I asked this long ago but I don’t think it ever got answered but am ready to buy now.

  1. Does Halo act as a Zigbee signal repeater? I don’t have any Zigbee devices and figured Halo’s would be a good way to start the mesh.
  2. Was there any length added in the time of the light? Originally it was 15 or 30 minutes and you asked at one point “How about 4 hours?” Was it increased to 4? Can it be on indefinitely (to be used as a night light)?

Since there was no answer, I guess I’ll answer my own question regarding the length of time.

No, there was no added time in the newest firmware and I think I know why. Running the lights causes the temperature sensor to read high (or actually it is correct due to added heat).

I created a Core Piston to have the light turn back on if it turned off between a certain time. In the hour I tested it the temperature rose 5 degrees. I only tested for an hour so I’m not sure how high it would climb. I plan on using it for multiple hours as a night light so will be doing further testing. If it gets too high I might just have to get a motion sensor to activate the light. Too bad. Keep that in mind if your’re running notifications/automation using the temp sensor.

Still would like to know if these act as Zigbee repeaters or if there is some way to find out.

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Hi Josh,

I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on 1 Halo+ and 2 Halos and after reading this thread I think I’m OK but I just want to be clear. My township requires all the smoke/fire detectors to be hardwired and interconnected together. Obviously the Halos will not be a problem but I have a Heat Detector in the garage (also required by code) interconnected to my existing 3 smoke detectors. There are no smart heat detectors available yet and I can’t put a Halo in the garage for obvious reasons. So…Minimally, will a trip by the Heat Detect sensor also trigger the Halos and vice versa? A push notification for the heat detect (3rd party sensor) is a bonus at this time and is not mandatory but I’m assuming by what I read that that feature is here or coming really soon, correct?


Minimally, will a trip by the Heat Detect sensor also trigger the Halos and vice versa.

We can’t guarantee this, but it is likely that it will work as expected. Halo puts about 9 to 12 VDC between the interconnect and neutral during a smoke alarm condition. Similarly, if halo detects a consistent(5+sec) voltage, it will trigger a smoke alarm.

As previously mentioned, some other brand alarms self-test last less than the 5 sec for halo to be triggered, however, during an alarm condition halo will be triggered as the interconnect last for longer than the required 5 sec.

I’m not sure if this meets code due to us as the manufacturing are unable to guarantee operation.

I do understand the frustration this can create and equally hope you understand our legal position.

As you stated, a push notification would occur once our smart app is released.

Hi Josh,

Thanks for the feedback, I think that will be OK. You just need a guaranteed ‘one trip all trip’ to meet code around here. I even picked up a new heat detector (my original is quite old) to make sure there’s a better chance that the interconnect is 9V. No worries; believe me, I completely understand how you need to answer.

Lastly, what firmware should I make sure is loaded onto the Halos? I just picked them up and I want to make sure that they’re ready for the smart app. Most likely they won’t have the latest.


They will auto update once you connect them to the ST hub as long as you have OTA updates enabled on the ST hub. (Go to the hub settings through the website and make sure “Enable OTA” is turned on for Zigbee devices).

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the advice, will do!


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Is there any word from SmartThings regarding the smart app?


just wanted to let you know a small update. i was able to trigger the Halo from my “dumb co and smoke detectors” by having one of them go off with a small smoke test. confirmed that halo will NOT go off when simply testing the dumb interconnected detectors by pushing test.

did you get an alert in the ST app too?

We are still in the que to be tested/approved. Will update when approved.


Interested in this Detector:

-Is this just a smoke detector or is also a CO detector?
-When you say the have to be connected with other one, do you mean by physically connection them with cables?

sorry for the dumb question.

Yup, smoke and CO.

It has an interconnect wire like most dumb hardwired smoke/CO detectors. It’s only approved to interconnect with other Halo devices, but it may work with other detectors (you can’t say the folks at Halo didn’t warn you if it doesn’t).

You can find the answers to these and many other questions on Halo’s website.


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Thank you for the quick answer. I am going to go a bit deep on the connecting thing with the following question :slight_smile:

  • I currently have 2 hardwire CO in my basement but no hardwired CO on my main floor. If I wanted to interconnect all 3, would it be hard to do (meaning I have to break sheet rock etc…) of is a simple thing?

Well, the interconnect wires should be behind your walls/ceiling in some kind of conduit, like your other electrical wires. So maybe you have to bust open some drywall, maybe you don’t. I think you’re in a better position to answer that question than anyone else, after all it’s your house.

Hello all,

I ordered several Halo smoke/CO detectors for my home as part of the recent Lowe’s 15% off sale. I’m expecting the units later today. I plan to initially install a single unit for testing but if this goes well, I will proceed to install the additional units.

I’ve tried reading through this thread but wanted to verify a few things—most of the questions revolve around the apparent inability to link the halo units to both the Halo app and Smartthings simultaneously:

-what is the current consensus on how to best initially setup these units— is it best to do the initial set up/firmware update with the halo app and then join the units to smart things?

-if it is best to use the halo app in terms of firmware updates/full functionality, is it possible to use IFTTT/something similar to connect with smartthings in lieu of directly linking/controlling the halo units with smartthings?

-what features do I gain/lose if I use the Halo app vs the SmartThings app

Thanks in advance,

I’ll answer the first question. I set mine up right through SmartThings. It used to be that to get the current firmware version you needed to use the Halo app. During one of the recent SmartThings upgrades they added the ability to do Zigbee firmware updates OTA, limited devices, but Halo is part of it. You do have to activate updates in the SmartThings app. I see no reason to set up using the Halo app. If anything, using SmartThings saves you from making a Halo account as you can’t enter the Halo app without one (I detest this making a gazillion accounts for every device).

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After being woken up for the 3rd time in a row with random Halos in my house all randomly saying an interconnected smoke or CO alarm is going off (there are only Halo brand devices on the interconnect). I have decided to eat the cost and just junk all of these things. When you break them open you can see how cheaply made they are inside and out. I got a few Nest Protects and wow the quality difference is amazing. They don’t work with SmartThings… but I think that’s fine given the issues I’ve had.

When the interconnect alarm goes off there is nothing you can do, you can rip it off the wall and disconnect every wire but it will not stop alarming. I hope nobody else gets a rude awakening and a house full of angry people like I did.

Anyone looking for 7 Halos?? I’ll give you a discount…