Halo Smart Labs is folding and your smart smoke alarm will soon turn dumb

@baivab Yes. You can still pair and it still works interconnected with other smoke detectors.

You must use the smart things classic app to do the intial pair. You also need to hold the center button on the smoke detector for 20 seconds to factory reset it. After you pair it you need to manually refresh it or temp and humidity will never show up. But after refreshing once they show up.

In the smart things classic app you still have full capability to turn on and off the weather channels (doesn’t show up in new app) the new smart things app can control. The new app and has full control over brightness and color. But cannot hush.

As far as I can tell I am unable to easily trigger an alert when an interconnected detector is detected. I am sure it’s possible but needs some more in depth programming then just ifttt. I can see halo detected the event via smart things classic of “interconnected detector detected” but not sure how to pass this to smart things automation or ifttt

@daedalas1981 the weather alerts can be disabled via smart things classic app.

thanks! I realized after an update that new options were available.

I assume you have not figured out how to make it do alerts when interconnected detectors are triggered?

Hoping to find some help. I just moved over from Iris to ST. I have four Halo alarms that I am trying to pair. I’ve reset them, tried both the legacy and new app, and rebooted/reset as many things as I could think of. I still can’t see them. Any thoughts? This is a brand new v3 hub so I’m not sure if that makes a difference.

confirm that your hub is in pairing mode by checking for blinking green LED on the front. With the V3, you have to pick a specific device to get it into pairing mode. Since Halo isn’t in the device list anymore, you may have to pick a random zigbee or z-wave device to get the hub into general inclusion mode.

Thanks Jimmy, that worked. I used the new APP and selected SmartThings->Other and it recognized it immediately. I even have full control of lighting. Much better than expected. Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to change the icon to something more resembling a smoke detector, but I’m more worried about the functionality.

I was even able to add an Iris Outlet Switch that I had been struggling with using the same method.

Really appreciate the help!

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Hoping somoene is still watching this thread. I had an issue with my smoke alarms and had to reset the Halo. (was working fine until then). Now when I use the Smarthings app to find the new device it only finds it as a ‘Zigbee light’. I only have the new App and not sure if you can even get the classic app Android. I do recall that in the past ST would list it as a Detector and I could trigger emails and notifications when it went off.

Hopefully this helps you.