Hallway going crazy

I have three cree connected daylight bulbs automated by ecolink motion sensors. I’m running into an issue where randomly the lights will start going on and off sporadically on their own. Like someone is playing with each individual bulb. I’m using smart lighting and nothing has changed programming wise for those lights or the motion sensors. I checked my devices and the motion sensors are not setting things off when this all goes haywire so it has to be something with the bulbs. A reset of the hub fixes the issue but beyond that I’m decently confused. Any pointers would be really helpful.

You may need to restart your hub and if that doesn’t work, you may need to reset each balb to factory and redo the integration.

I removed a possible smart lighting rule that could be the issue. I’ll have to see if it resurfaces. I’ll get back in a week and update this thread on how it goes.

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Turns out that the smart lighting app was my issue. On CoRE now and I love it.