Smartthings up to 30% off through Reward Gateway


(Conradj) #1

Not sure how useful this is, but if you have access via your company to Reward Gateway you can get 30% off Smartthings at the Samsung shop. Sensors are £21 and the power outlet is £31.50. Free next day delivery too. :smiley:

Apologies if this doesn’t apply to you :frowning:


Applies to me - thanks for the heads up.

(Conradj) #3

Just noticed this is on again.

(Rob Moore) #4

Next time that happens you ought to offer it out to the forum and take a few quid on each purchase…

(Conradj) #5

On again! Sorry @Rob_Moore, those power outlets are too unreliable - suspect I’d be dealing with too many returns to make it worth the effort!