Half price on some Smartthings items at Argos

Sensors: multipurpose, motion, moisture, arrival. Hub

Yeah I saw that earlier no stock in the nearest 15 stores to me though lol

Just ordered a couple if bits for delivery :slight_smile:


Absolutely no stock :frowning:

Out of stock for home delivery !! What a croc of poo.
Currys are still happy to bend you over though, gota love that monopoly !

I must have been lucky…
Just had confirmation email that my water sensors will be delivered tomorrow :slight_smile:

Do you live on a flood plane @Cobra you must have about 20 water sensors now :joy::joy:

You are probably correct… although most are not used for water :slight_smile:

Anyway… you can’t have enough ‘spares’


For those looking for some of these items, Amazon has the Hub, motion sensor, moisture sensor at multi-sensor at the same (50%) prices as Argos.

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Currys suddenly had stock this morning so i bagged a Multipurpose for £13.49 all in, kinda wanted to add more but really i have no use for more… tempting though
I did notice whilst main stores were out of stock currys business had 10+ in stock, maybe they have released that stock for general stores or the massive container ship that arrived in Southampton a few days ago had a container full of the things