Smartthings Half Price + 10% discount at Currys

(Jon) #1

Grab it while its cheap!

(terence peace) #2

It’s half price at most places. But most Argos stores are out of stock, well in my city they are.
Are ST changing to a new version?

(Jon) #3

@tezz I would expect after 2.5 years they probably are refreshing the range. Argos were out of stock in my area days ago but Currys seem to have abundant stock. I paid £71 for a second hub and 2 motion sensors. Im pretty pleased.

(terence peace) #4

If one could stop the forced updates I would stay with ST. But I’m slowly moving to a better Hub.

(Mike) #5

Half price from everyone is a definate unload old stock… how long will it be before a source accidentaly reveals some new devices ?

(Antony Pugh) #6

What have you gone for?

(John Crighton) #7

Hmm, I may have gone a bit crazy on this one. Despite their reputation, motion sensors at £13 odd were a bit hard to pass on. So I bought 5. And then I thought about presence sensors, I’ve not used any yet but thought 5 might come in handy. Then the moisture sensors, 5 of those too.

When you’re used to paying £55 to make a light switch smart, this is too good to pass up!

(terence peace) #8

(Richard Smart) #9

picked up 2 motion sensors from argos today. Noticed that they are both differrent models…and different batteries!

Is there any advantage of the new one over the old? Thinking of returning the older model

(Robin) #10

Nice… I ordered 3 x arrival sensors for £40!!

Hopefully they will work with my new Hubitat hub!