Half of smart devices not working (Jan 2019)

Today all of a sudden half my devices just stopped responding, outlets, buttons, door sensors, all no longer respond, and show unavailable. Some things still work, like a few of my lights. The only thing I noticed is when I try running the zwave network repair its says failed 5 times before showing finished status. Any ideas?

Are you using the new app or Classic? If you’re using the new app, do those device work when using the Classic app?

Are they all zwave devices, or all zigbee, or a mix?

When you did a zwave repair, what does the IDE show for event logs?

I’m using classic. They all are zigbee devices now that I check, so the zwave repair is moot at this point, though still worried about the failures. They all show offline on the hub.

Had the same issue–devices just kept “falling off”. Reseting devices, moving the hub, using the new app didn’t work. Finally switched off “Device Health” in the app (in menu with three lines on hime page of app)–all reappeared and now working.

I see smartthings just posted a new issue with devices incorrectly showing offline, and are investigating, likely others had my issue, must be something on their side


Having the same issue on my end.

Where do you go to see a post like that?

Yea all 50 something of my devices are now offline, starting in the past hour or so. Where do you see a system status like this?



Mine too … half of the 20+ devices just went offline / disconnected.

I am SO glad I found your thread. 15 of my 17 devices are showing Not Available starting about 11:00 am Pacific time. I am away from the house. Hopefully I do not need to be on premises to fix this.

According to ST the issue is improving, but, 90% of my devices are still showing unavailable :frowning_face:

Happening in the UK too

Yesterday one Zwave device was unavailable and not about 4 more are. They say unavailable but they still respond to off and on and dimming. Alexa can’t control them bc st says they are unavailable when they actually work.

I had an issue going back with some apps showing disconnected in the new app but everything was working fine in the classic app. I powered off the hub & took out yhe batteries & everything is showing connected in the new app. Now this problem & some devices showing disconnected in the old app but working in the new app. I saw the notice from Samsung but with all these issues it really is insane.

At 4 pm Pacific, all 15 of my devices are back on line and both local control (ST hub) and webCoRE (remote) automation are working correctly.

I thought all my devices had somehow gotten fried, so I was in a big panic mode. I’m happy things are working ok.

I noticed my hub rebooted at 3:09 PM. Does Samsung do that? I didn’t initiate it.

East coast, North Carolina, many devices showing unavailable with device health on. Turned it off, everything appears to work…guess there’s still issues

many of my devices still show unavailable/offline, and cannot be controlled, even after a full power cycle.

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Anyone have any other ideas at this point?

Sadly, it’s par for the course with SmartThings. Sometimes you have months of solid performance and reliability, and other times some bad juju happens and half the people will be fine and the other will have problems.

I’ve had no issues for a while (even yesterday when they were reporting problems) but this morning half my stuff is up in the air, and I’m getting really slow responses from sensors and lights and all kinds of things.