8 devices stopped responding, will not come back online

So something weird happened last night and 8 devices are now offline and are inoperable from the classic app or Alexa.

The devices include 5 lamp modules, a GE wall switch, my thermostat and an in-wall micro dimmer. Some of these devices have been rock-solid for almost 5 years. I’ve rebooted the hub, done a z-wave repair from the IDE, and cut the power to the devices I could and then turned the power back on. I also killed power to the entire house for 20 minutes with no luck. It appears they all went offline at the same time. Initially, I thought the hub failed but there are devices that are still working so it’s apparent that’s not the case. If I go to an AWOL device that has a power switch (GE wall switch or lamp modules), I’m able to control it using the physical switch so it seems the devices haven’t failed.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to revive these devices? Is there a way for me to see where the mesh is having issues? Has anyone experienced anything similar?

We’re in a bind without these devices so any help is greatly appreciated.

What status do they have when viewed on the IDE (account.smartthings.com)?

The status for all of them is Offline.

Ah, sounds like my problem, except only one of my devices is affected. It is actually responding to me turning it on and off but the app is showing it as offline. Status on IDE says “hub disconnected”

@markplewis, what you described is might be a faulty device which cannot route anymore.
According your description all of your devices are built in devices, so it wouldn’t be easy to investigate, but try something like this.
Build up your network from the Hub, device by device, look for what connects and what not. The first device which is unable to connect might be your faulty one.
Each step you can run a zwave repair to update routing.
But suddenly this approach means that you have to disconnect those devices from power and connect them back again one by one.
Or you can try the opposite, remove just the closest non working device from the network and try a zwave repair.

That’s what I was hoping the OP would say. I get the HUB_DISCONNECTED on one or more devices every now and again. I don’t know why. A reboot of the hub from the IDE usually fixes it for me. How that is different to a power cycle of the hub, I don’t know, but it does seem to cure some things a power cycle doesn’t.

Ah that sorted it! The app’s also refreshing faster too :slight_smile:

I’ve done everything I typically do without success. I’ve also determined that while every z-wave device I own is offline, my zigbee devices continue to work. All of this leads me to believe the z-wave radio has failed so a new hub will be here today and I can begin the tedious process of migrating 79 devices and 50 WebCoRE pistons from a V1 hub to a new V3 hub. I bought the hub in spring of 2015 so it had a good run. If anyone has any migration advice or can point me to some links, I’m all ears.

I would have asked support before ordering and spending on a new Hub, but from the v1 Hub point, it is worth to upgrade as the v1 hasn’t received plenty firmware updates and it is at EOL.

You haven’t mentioned that was all of your Zwave devices. Then you could have a look at the IDE to see that is the Zwave radio in operational state or not. I guess it was if you have ran zwave repair.

The only bummer could be if it turns out that only a zwave device is faulty and causing all your trouble. Or you have ended up with some sort of interference which will stop you pairing the devices to the new hub too.

Fingers crossed!