Hacking delonghi coffee machin

(I am limited to 3 replies :-()


I will also be happy to get more information. Maybe I can help with my machine (370.95.t)

Can you share which hardware you are using to connect to the device?


I actually just posted a response in the original thread: Controlling Delonghi Primadonna Elite through ST

Btw, I am using the Ubertooth sniffer, but you can use any Bluetooth adapter – I just happen to use it for all my projects).


I am planing to use raspberry pi to send the commands. I am not bluetooth expert, I hope I will succeed with it. Will continue to follow your work, hopefully I will be able to contribute once I will be able to create connection between the pi and the coffee machine.

Can you send a link to your github project?

do you have any python code / node js you can share so I will able to work on my side (and hopefully contribute)?

Sure. Will post the link tomorrow. I need to add a proper documentation to get started :slight_smile: