Videx 3111 Intercom Automatic open on buzz Hack

Hey guys n gals

So my post is relatively close to an existing post by someone a few years back…

So basically I have a videx 3111 intercom and quite simply want to be able to have the door release, automatically pressed when someone buzzes the door outside. I dont want to be notified or any complex wifi release. Just simply want to be able to let myself into my block by simply pressing my buzzer for my flat and it auto buzzes me into it.

So I have pics, videos and wiring diagram to show exactly how it works and wiring diagram for whats needed for you guys to help me please. Same as the previous post, for me the 5 and 3 contacts connect and unlocks the main door. I simply want to automate it so when you press the buzzer, it self buzzes you in. No need for notifications or smart features, simply using the signal of buzzing to unlock the door automatically.