Philips Hue at Argos - 20% off

Hi - not sure if anyone is interested but there is currently a promotion at Argos where if you enter promo code HOME20 at the check out you will get 20% certain home ware items, of which Philips Hue are.

Just bagged myself a new 2m lightstrip Plus to go on the back of my 55" Sony Bravia (hopefully the wife wont strangle me with it…lol).

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The starter kits looks a little over priced compared to elsewhere (£60 for hubv2 + 2 white bulbs vs £50 elsewhere…), but the bulbs seem to match and with the discount.

I’m currently buying Wemo bulbs, but the cost of the Hue bulbs by themselves is quite a draw (£15 for white hue vs £25 for Wemo)… but since I want to avoid using the hue hub I am a little nervous about the hue reset procedure if I ever change controller/need a replacement ST hub.

Wyevale garden centres were selling off Wemo bulbs (both cap types) for £7.50 (in store) a month or so back. Might be worth checking your local branch to see if they still have some tucked away in a corner somewhere.

I have replaced all of my Wemo bulbs with Hue bulbs, as you rightly state they are cheaper (the white LED’s anyway).

I couldn’t see the lightstrip any cheaper online, so I happy paying £56 for the new lightstrip and £12 for a white LED.

Thanks for the heads up - just ordered the Lightstrip Plus and a Colour bulb to add to my collection.

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The Belkin website is doing 3 bulbs For £64.97 with free delivery.

Also I just visited the site to check the price and they have sent me a 10% off voucher for todays order. (works out at about £19.50 per Bulb?)


Thanks for choosing Belkin. We’re thrilled you have been browsing our web store and requested a coupon from Belkin!

To show our appreciation, we’ll take 10% Off your purchase. To continue shopping, simply return to our site and quote…

Aren’t the philips equivalent only £14.99 on Amazon though

I’ve been using for most of my Hue’s purchases. Cheaper than anywhere I can find in the UK, their delivery times have been quick and the service excellent when I’ve asked questions. Only thing to watch for is anything with a plug comes as a Euro 2 pin but they try to put adaptors in when sending to the UK. However the lightstrips come with a EU and UK adaptor in the box as standard from Philips

Thanks @mudshark Andy. Promo code worked and saved me a bit.

The recent Tesco sell off of Hue Lux bulbs at £7.50 per bulb has resulted in a load of lux bulbs on eBay priced at up to around 50 quid! :slight_smile: I’ve just looked at Aliexpress and there are white hue compatible bulbs for around 12 quid and coloured for about 19. I’m tempted to order one of each to see how well they work.